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Distributor Information


Need help distributing?

We are continually reviewing opportunities to expand the Dual Manufacturing product line. If you have a product that you'd like to distribute and feel that Dual would be a good fit, please contact us at eric@dualmfg.com.



As a Dual Mfg Distributor, you'll receive:

  • Attractive discounts off of list prices.
  • 24-hour shipment on most orders.
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Drop shipments with customer confidentiality.
  • Toll free technical service and support.

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a distributor, please contact our sales department at (847) 260-5370 or E-mail eric@dualmfg.com.



As the leader in sieving technology, Dual Manufacturing reaches beyond our borders to all parts of the globe. From Brazil to Canada, Australia to Croatia, our sales team has the expertise to provide all the information needed in today's global marketplace.

Whether you are looking for a distributor or want to become one, Dual Mfg has the highest quality products and resources to meet the needs of our international customers.

We stock most of the products we produce and we partner with several major freight carriers so that you can expect a fast turnaround with excellent rates.

To obtain a quote, set up an account, or inquire about our products, please contact our sales department at eric@dualmfg.com.



To locate a Dual Distributor nearest to you, please contact our sales department at (847) 260-5370 or E-mail eric@dualmfg.com.