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Is the mesh "glued" or soldered?
We have and will always solder the mesh during fabrication. Over time, solder has superior holding and will not become brittle, crack, or fall out.


What is the wall thickness of your sieves?
Over the years other manufacturers have "thinned out the material to save money. We have never used thinner inferior material in our sieves. This "in our opinion" cheapens the product substantially.


Is the Mesh High Quality?
The most important part of the sieve is the mesh. We have a relationship with the world leader in wire cloth that dates back to the on start of Dual Mfg.


Sieve Services

Certified Sieves – We can perform a detailed analysis of opening and wire diameter, in both inches & millimeters.

Recalibration of Sieves - Taking in your used sieves and recertifying so that you are sure your sieves in use still conform to A.S.T.M. specifications.

Matched Sieves - Manufacturing your sieves out of the same width and roll of mesh, then, we take those groups of mesh and run them thru a series of certifications which are presented to the purchaser upon receipt of order.

Recycle Service - In a continuing effort to do your part in keeping our environment clean now and for future generations, Dual Manufacturing is offering a used sieve recycling service. Simply return any used sieve to Dual (stating on the shipping label that they are to be recycled) and we will dispose of the product in a proper order.

Custom Sieves - We can fulfill any custom needs for special sieving requirements and/or meshes you might have. All sieves are available with 100% lead free "tin" solder. Aluminum frame sieves also available.

Etched Serial Number - Each sieve is permanently etched with an individualized serial number per A.S.T.M. specifications, allowing customers to trace sieve usage for quality control.


“I would just like to tell you that I am very impressed with your product. Recently I purchased a set of 3" diameter sieves to test our production of coffee grounds. Previous sieves I have had (I tried 3 different manufacturers) have caused problems with inconsistency. Since using your sieves, I have been able to run nearly 200 samples through, with no problems at all. Thanks for an excellent product; I will be ordering from you in the future. ~ Iain M, NH

“Thanks. That was a really good deal. I do a lot of custom sieving for the oil industry so I'll be ordering more.” ~ Bob L, MD

“Thank you for your speedy shipping and excellent customer service! Looking forward to doing more business in the future with you” ~ John R, CA


“I know it's probably unprofessional to curse, but I needed to fully convey my excitement over the paper. Man oh man. Those SIEVES made my day much easier. I'll spread the word the best I can.” ~ Matt E, MI

“Fast shipping, received in only 2 days. I will be a repeat customer as well as spread the word about this company.” ~ Jeff H, KY

“This testing sieve works great. We will be ordering more of this paper from this company for all 30 of our testing labs Arrived in great time frame.” ~ Mark H, PA

“I just wanted to let you know – we received our order last week and have been using our sieves. These are higher quality then what we were using, much better. We will be ordering again!” ~ James R, MI

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